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Custom Design


Step 1: We must determine, through a free personal consultation, what it is that you would like to have built and very importantly discuss your budget. We can build nearly every piece of jewelry that you might desire, none are too small or too big. You might have some magazine clippings, or have seen something that someone else was wearing or maybe you’ve spotted something on the internet, giving inspiration to your design.

Step 2: After our inital consultation, we will create a computer aided design (CAD)a digital sketch based on our conversation and ideas. Now you’ll be able to see your ideas come to life, in 2D. As soon as we have an agreed design sketch and price, we begin our third step.

Step 3: The Wax. A wax model of your piece will now be created. Now your design will make the change from 2D to a 3D model. The wax will either be created by hand carving, computer aided milling (CAM), or will be printed and grown in high tech resin, sometimes a combination of methods is required to achieve our design. Once the 3D model or “wax” is created, we can see it, touch it, hold it and then determine if we want to make any changes before the fourth step.

Step 4: Metal Mode. Now that we have an approved model, we can begin the transformation into silver, gold, platinum, or palladium. Your piece will either be cast through the “lost wax” method or hand fabricated, sometimes a little of both if assembly will be required.

Step 5: Finishing. Finishing often begins with cleaning up the casting, in which all the rough edges and surfaces are smoothed out and each area where a stone will be set is prepared. After the piece has been cleaned up, the final finishes are applied. Your common finishes include: bright, satin, sand blast, brushed, florentine, brush stroke textured or hand engraved.

Step 6: Setting, Now the chosen gems are placed and set. After the gems are set, the piece gets re-finished again, cleaning up any tool marks from the setting process.

Step 7: Presentation. The final and most anticipated step of all is when you get to try on your finished piece of jewelry that has been custom made just for you. Our greatest reward and thrill is seeing your happiness with the piece that we have just created

Please call or email us, so we can begin creating your special piece of fine jewelry.